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We help brands to drive sales and raise brand awareness in Asia. We are the only Korean influencer marketing agency that have the REAL connections with Korean influencers.


of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post


of consumers trust advice and information from blogs


of consumers learn about a company through online

out of 4 customers read blogs or watch YouTube

Why You Should Care About Korean Influence

These celebrity endorsements are essential to the business and marketing side of the Korean fashion industry, especially when it comes to exporting to other Asian countries.


Seoul is emerging as Asia’s new fashion showcase, with the world’s top luxury firms seeking to cash in on the regional trend-setting popularity of South Korean pop culture.

South China Morning Post

K-pop has stronger global appeal than Japan’s J-pop. Japan is now using the Korean model as inspiration. Actors and singers promote Korean tastes, in areas such as cosmetics, and in turn beauty businesses hire stars to promote their products.

The Economist

Korea is throwing all of its weight and billions of dollars into making itself the number one exporter of pop culture in the world.

Financial Post

It’s where Chinese and Japanese shoppers head for their city-breaks, it’s the home of the hugely influential K-pop mania, it is the maker of the most influential TV soaps in Asia and sets its stall out as the leading arbiter of Asian taste.

The Telegraph

Product placements in trendsetting Korean dramas has helped boost sales of everything from food such as fried chicken to beauty products.


See What We Can Do For You

Hiring Korean Influencers

Our influencers make your products and services more visible by writing articles and posting quality photos on their Instagram, Facebook, Naver Blog, YouTube, and etc. Valuenhancer helps you to choose the right channels and influencers for your campaign to skyrocket your business in Asia.

Testimonial Videos

Get your product in the hands of our influencers and have them create powerful product testimonial videos. Videos get posted to YouTube, and then shared hundreds of times. Generate long term traffic, high quality backlinks and win over new customers from Asia with our video campaigns.

Korea Marketing Strategies

Many brands believe that the same marketing campaigns that have been worked will also translate to the Korea market, but this is often not the case. Korean preferences, tastes, and interpretations are different from those of other cultures. In addition to our SEO strategy, our influencers will write an article about your product and business, and leave reviews.

Setting Up An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Valuenhancer runs campaigns across Asia primarily across fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

1. Research & Discovery

What do you know about your target audience? Start by clearly defining your audience and identify what and who engaged. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do they care about?
  • Where do they hang out online? Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook?
  • What is their buying journey?

Focus on the audience before thinking about the type of influencer you want to partner with.

2. Determine Your Objectives

It all starts with your marketing goals.

What is your goal for the influencer campaign – is it to drive more leads? Brand awareness? Downloads? Website visits?

The more time put into the preparation process, the better the result.

3. Design The Campaign

What type of campaign do you want to run? What keywords should you use to optimise your influencer marketing campaign? First and foremost, you’ll need to determine how much you’re going to invest before calculating how much the return will be.

In order for your campaign to stay on track, you need specific guidelines to follow, and to direct your influencers. You’ll need specific guidelines to follow and direct your influencers.

4. Execute

Many brands just send a product sample to the influencer and wait for the related post to appear. Don’t think about sitting back and watching the magic happen.

You’ll need to track the progress and data like just any other marketing campaign. Valuenhancer provides you with the dashboard that allows you to track progress in real time. 

5. Analyze Your Results

An influencer marketing campaign can net you over 11 times the ROI of banner ads and PPC when done correctly. But, it can be difficult to measure the ROI of this medium.

Valuenhancer will help you to develop and implement your brand’s marketing strategy, you will find what types of content, workflow and engagement practices work for you.

You’ll get the best results by tracking progress and adjusting as needed, which means applying the same data-driven mentality as you would to any other strategy.

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